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As the season 4 premiere of The Hills took place this week, news comes from industry insiders that the fashion darling of the show, Whitney Port, may be leaving her job at People’s Revolution to do in-house PR for Diane von Furstenberg. No word on whether The Hills will follow her into work or if she’ll bring Lauren Conrad along as well. Reps for Whitney have not yet commented on the matter, although the DVF press office say they “can’t confirm.”

Let’s hope that Whitney can pronounce Diane von Furstenberg properly. You may recall the Paris episode from last season’s Hills when Lauren and Whitney had trouble pronouncing Givenchy. Luckily for Whitney, she can always just say DVF if she’s unsure!


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The return of Gossip Girls on Monday night clearly excited me too much. I neglected to discuss The Hills! Monday is once again my favourite night of the week. A few observations about the gang in LA:

  1. Lauren seems to have missed the memo on Kelly Cutrone’s policy on wearing all black. She wore a white outfit while “working” at People’s Revolution. To top it off, the forbidden cleavage also made an appearance even if she does have great boobs. (See side-boob picture below for reference.) Plleeeassee show Kelly bitching out Lauren. Nobody gives a tongue-lashing quite like Kelly. Except maybe my mother.
  2. Justin Bobby. Amazing. I am so glad he is back. To be fair, he was much more expressive than usual and managed to avoid burping the entire episode. Good for him for taking care of his booze problem (per Audrina). Unfortunately, he is still as dirty as ever.
  3. I think Heidi is becoming the new Donatella. Her face doesn’t even move!!
  4. I LOVE Lo. She is so candid and snarky… and maybe doesn’t like Audrina? She DEFINITELY didn’t appreciate it when they wore the same jeans. Ouch.
  5. Since when does Audrina wear Philip Lim? And is she capable of any expression except for that painful placating smile? 
One last comment that my friend Beth brought up: Does anyone else wonder why The Hills was not on air during the writers’ strike? Curious. 
Oh and Happy Birthday Beth! Hope you had a fab dinner with your “prince.” Snicker.

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