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Mark Ronson and Daisy Lowe have been partying up a storm lately and it’s not surprising if you consider the family background of this stylish duo. Mark, 32, was brought up in London by a wealthy family; his stepfather is famed rock guitarist, Mick Jones, and his mom is writer and socialite, Ann Dextor-Jones. His sister, Samantha Ronson, is in the limelight nowadays because of her sapphic relationship with Lindsay Lohan. Meanwhile, Daisy, 19,  was raised by mom, Pearl Lowe, who is a singer-cum-designer. When Daisy was 15, a paternity test proved Gavin Rossdale as the biological father (he was Daisy’s godfather prior to the test), making her Gwen Stefani’s stepdaughter.

Don’t let these connections fool you as Mark and Daisy are both accomplished in their own right. Mark has won 3 Grammy’s for producing Amy Winehouse’s music and Daisy is a busy model with Vogue and Elle editorials under her belt. The glamorous couple met through Sean Lennon (yes, John’s son) last year and have been together since. Some have dubbed them the new “Pete Doherty and Kate Moss” but they seem content to ignore the attention. For now, Mark and Daisy are just eager to wear quirky and smart outfits to the next party in London.



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I am not exaggerating when I say that Frances Bean Cobain captured the world’s attention since before she was born. In fact, rumours were rampant that Frances was born addicted to drugs thanks to her nutjob mother, Courtney Love. At the time, Vanity Fair published an article that Courtney admitted to using heroin after learning of the pregnancy even though both Courtney and Kurt Cobain claimed the quote was taken out of context. After Frances’s birth, child services removed Courtney and Kurt of custody. Things spun even more out of control after the frontman of the band Tool wore t-shirts that said “Free Frances Bean”. Of course, the biggest tragedy was Kurt’s untimely death.

But things are looking up for our favourite little Bean. She is all grown up and the 15-year-old princess of grunge has caught the eye of none other than Karl Lagerfeld. Rumour has it he wants her to be in the next Chanel ad capmaign. Strange considering Karl famously hates fat people. Just to clarify, Frances is by no means a whale but she isn’t rake thin either which is how Karl likes them. If this comes to fruition, I would be pretty happy. I’ve read a few interviews with Frances and she is quite the intellectual which is a welcome change (unlike Kim Stewart). Not to mention Frances has dabbled in fashion before. When she was 13, Stella McCartney gave Frances a job working at her New York stores. I think the world is ready for a fresh dose of teen spirit.

Frances in a photoshoot for Harper’s Bazaar and some photos from her childhood and her father below.


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