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Mark Ronson and Daisy Lowe have been partying up a storm lately and it’s not surprising if you consider the family background of this stylish duo. Mark, 32, was brought up in London by a wealthy family; his stepfather is famed rock guitarist, Mick Jones, and his mom is writer and socialite, Ann Dextor-Jones. His sister, Samantha Ronson, is in the limelight nowadays because of her sapphic relationship with Lindsay Lohan. Meanwhile, Daisy, 19,  was raised by mom, Pearl Lowe, who is a singer-cum-designer. When Daisy was 15, a paternity test proved Gavin Rossdale as the biological father (he was Daisy’s godfather prior to the test), making her Gwen Stefani’s stepdaughter.

Don’t let these connections fool you as Mark and Daisy are both accomplished in their own right. Mark has won 3 Grammy’s for producing Amy Winehouse’s music and Daisy is a busy model with Vogue and Elle editorials under her belt. The glamorous couple met through Sean Lennon (yes, John’s son) last year and have been together since. Some have dubbed them the new “Pete Doherty and Kate Moss” but they seem content to ignore the attention. For now, Mark and Daisy are just eager to wear quirky and smart outfits to the next party in London.



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WOW. I love Kate Moss but WTF?! I was skeptical when my friend from work told me to look at Sympatico’s “Then & Now: Celebrities” gallery. They’re usually not very interesting and the celebrities just look like younger versions of themselves with bad 80s hair. But this. This is another matter entirely. Then again, it’s kind of comforting to know Kate Moss used to look like that.

One more thing: I don’t normally discuss celebrities on this site (I like to leave that to my favourite blogger at www.laineygossip.com) but can I point out Demi Moore please? I had no prior knowledge that she was an Asian version of the kid from Jerry Maguire that said, “Did you know the human head weighs 8 pounds?” Trust me – it takes one to know one.

In the spirit of this post with Google’s help, I am also including a “Then & Now” of the Jerry Maguire kid.

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For W magazine’s September issue, Kate Moss was photographed in a Turkish bath posing her pants off… literally. The “Hammam” photos were shot by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott in Istanbul. Now, if only we could all look like that at our local Turkish baths… Some of the pics are NSFW.

Speaking of which, if any of you happen to visit (or live in) Vancouver, go to the Miraj Hammam Spa – one of Canada’s only authentic Turkish baths. From their steam room inlaid with Jerusalem gold marble to their Sultan’s room where you’re fed Middle Eastern tea and sweet cakes, the Miraj Hammam can only be described as the ultimate exotic oasis.


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Off the coast of Ibiza in Formentera, there are two fashion icons partying their faces off: Kate Moss and Marc Jacobs. The pair are joined by Kate’s daughter, Lila Grace, and Marc’s partner, Lorenzo Martone. Lily Grace took lots of snapshots of mum et al having a good time on the beach.

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Only a few hours remain until the Met’s Costume Institute Gala kicks off and everyone is glammed up, excited, and ready to gossip. Last-minute secrets are being revealed about who is wearing what, who is or is not attending, and lots more!

  • Agyness Deyn announced that she wouldn’t be attending the ball due to a European fashion shoot quite awhile ago. Curious. Especially since it’s been revealed that Burberry’s Christopher Bailey is taking Lily Donaldson, Agy’s fellow model in the Burberry ads. Not to mention everyone in the fashion industry is in New York tonight so what important shoot can our favourite Brit punk be on? Was I right about Agy? Oh and Mario Testino will wear Burberry tonight as well.
  • Stella McCartney will bring Kate Moss.
  • Anna Wintour will wear a custom Chanel Haute Couture black and white embroidered dress that Karl Lagerfeld designed especially for her. Who says the devil wears Prada? Kate Bosworth will also attend with Uncle Karl and Cameron Diaz has scored an invite as the guest of Vogue.
  • Iman, David Bowie, Scarlett Johansson, and others will be dressed by Dolce & Gabanna.
  • Audrey Tautou will wear Chanel tonight as the new face of Chanel No. 5. So long Nicole Kidman.
  • Liv Tyler, Fergie, and Rachel Bilson will be in Calvin Klein
  • Gisele and Tom Brady will arrive with Donatella Versace
  • Dita von Teese and Eva Longoria will wear Marchesa
  • Gossip Girl is everywhere! Blake Lively will attend the gala tonight with Tory Burch.
  • The Olsens will wear DVF
  • Rachel Zoe was disinvited to the ball! Poor thing. Ha.

This IS the best night of the year and the excitement has reached a boiling point! I’m excited to see who will dress in this year’s superhero themes. Please put Andre Leon Talley in a spiderman suit. That will be the best.

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Agyness Deyn’s arrival in mainstream media has been explosive. Her distinctive blonde hair has bobbed on countless catwalks and more recently, I-D magazine has devoted an entire issue completely to her. As in no other models were photographed for the photoshoots. This model extraordinaire seems to have it all. Or does she?

Agyness is the newly-crowned darling of Perez Hilton but is that a good thing? The self-proclaimed “Queen of All Media” has not exactly crafted his reputation out of having good taste or a fine eye. In this case, Perez may have jumped on the bandwagon a little late. Agyness is certainly no spring chicken (in the modeling world). For quite awhile, the true age of the model remained heavily debated amongst insiders. On Deyn’s part, she helped perpetuate the mystery by saying she was 18. The truth? She was born Laura Hollins in Littleborough, England on February 16, 1983. Yes, she is 25. No, Agyness is not her real name.

Whatever you think of her, Agyness is a breath of fresh air in a sea of today’s generic models. One of her biggest assets is her versatility. Her chameleon-like abilities are evident in the I-D issue. Not many people can dress up like a man and pull off a fake treasure-trail! It is almost certain that we can expect more from this Brit punk but she has big shoes to fill post-Kate Moss. Meanwhile, the fashion world can only watch as she attempts to take it by storm. A few photos from her I-D issue below.

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Stars are a hot trend this spring and they were everywhere on the SS/08 catwalks. Always one step ahead, Kate Moss already wore a cute outfit with little stars all over it at the beginning of the year. I actually like the star necklaces and belts from YSL. They can liven up an otherwise boring outfit, especially in those jewel-toned necklaces.

Now I am all for following sensible fashion trends. BUT when you are Asian like me, you have to be extremely cautious not to appear “cutesy-wutsey.” You might end up looking like Fresh-Off-the-Boat Chinese girls who think Hello Kitty is Jesus Christ. If you coordinate the right outfit with the YSL necklace, or wear a dress with subtle little stars, you could possibly pull this off.

You should see my cousin, Adrianna. She can pull ANYTHING off. If she wore a garbage bag on top of her head, Anna Wintour would clamor to call it the “next big thing.” Trust.

YSL Star Necklace

YSL Belt  Kate Moss Stars     

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