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The recent Paris Fall 2008 Couture shows left fashionistas oohing and ahhing over the architectural shapes, heavy winter fabrics, and breathtaking opulency. So let’s not waste time and just get straight to the clothes!

Christian Lacroix

Christian Lacroix’s collection dutifully satiated the appetites of those looking for grandeur. The evening began with a bevy of frothy skirts and overcoats with fur trim, while light fairy-tale dresses marked the last half of the show. Model Vlada Roslyakova closed the show as a bride in a dazzling (literally) wedding dress complete with an ornate headpiece and puffy sleeves. All of the girls were sporting bejewelled mohawks that was sometimes attached with lace that rested on the face. Of all the shows, Mr. Lacroix’s unapologetically glamorous collection was by far my favourite.


It’s a good thing Anna Wintour likes the heat because the audience at Chanel’s show at the Grand Palais’s domed space were in a fashion greenhouse. Guests were spotted fanning themselves while they admired this season’s installation – enormous organ pipes made out of 50 foot steel tubes. In the past, Karl has had a vast tweed jacket for the spring 2008 Couture as well as a giant carousel for the Fall 2008 Ready-to-Wear. From the get-go, Karl Lagerfeld’s intent on tubular cutting was evident as dresses and suits had a distinct curvature about them. And forget the headbands because Karl says it’s all about the headframes, which literally looked like a picture frame plopped in the front of the model’s face. Many of the models sported hairdos that looked suspiciously like Anna Wintour’s, which no doubt pleased the Vogue editrix. Of course, the standard Chanel fare could still be found such as the brand’s signature tweed and suits. Sasha Pivovarova closed the show looking cool, elegant, and decorated by a dramatic white confection atop her head.

Christian Dior

All the models had a slab of midnight-hued lipstick on their puckers, which when combined with the clothes constructed a collection that was equally traditional and perverse. The show started and ended with black and white outfits with a burst of candy-colored dresses in the middle. John Galliano’s kinky designs included a number of kinky and shiny leather accents as well as a few see-through pieces. Giant silhouettes also sashayed up and down the runway along with many sculpted big coats. (Big bonus: Coco Rocha!!!)


The pressure was on for Valentino’s young and new designer, Alessandra Facchinetti. The general consensus is that she faced the challenge and for the most part succeeded. Facchinetti’s designs had a decidedly space-age feel to it, which was a welcome breath of fresh air for the fashion house. While Facchinetti took the time to be experimental, she also respected Mr. Valentino’s love of suits and red dresses. If she perseveres, Mr. Valentino should have no reason to worry about leaving his legacy behind in her very capable hands.


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When Anna Wintour loves something, she’s not afraid to show it. Earlier this year, she wore the same Prada dress to at least three different events. Of late, the Vogue editor’s new favourite is a Carolina Herrera shift dress that has been modified from the resort collection. Again, she’s worn it on three seperate occasions – the Ferragamo show in Milan, to Wimbledon, and a few days ago at the Chanel couture show. You have to give her kudos for donning the same outfit multiple times – afterall, this is a woman who has unlimited access to clothes. Personally, I love the Carolina Herrera dress and it is very flattering on her. I am the same as Anna; when I fall in love with something, I fall hard. See? We have many things common with one another… Anna, please give me a job at Vogue!

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New York Magazine posted the funniest exchange between one of their staffers and the Devil herself, Anna Wintour, at the Museum of Modern Art’s “Party at the Garden”. Enjoy!

New York: Hi! We’re from New York Magazine —
AW: You people are everywhere this week. Just don’t ask about Sean Avery — that’s what you asked me yesterday.

New York: Okay, how are you beating the heat?
AW: I like the heat.

New York: When it’s this hot?
AW: I like it.

New York: What about it do you like?
AW: I just enjoy it. I don’t like to be cold.

New York: Have you seen Stylista on YouTube?
AW: No.

New York: Is there any chance of a Vogue reality series?
[Purses lips] Mmmm… [Makes a sound that sounds like a mixture of “over my dead body” and “I hate that you’re asking me this question”]

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The “Oscars of Fashion” took place last night and below are a few highlights.

  • Anna Wintour delivered a “teary-eyed” speech when handing out the Eugenia Sheppard Award to Style.com’s Candy Pratts Price for excellence in fashion journalism. Who knew Anna was capable of getting misty?
  • In an homage to recently deceased Yves Saint Laurent, Diane von Furstenberg gave kudos to the late designer for “legalizing opium”.
  • During a speech, Simon Doonan, creative director of Barney’s, joked about André Leon Talley’s “borrowed turban” but he was not impressed. Yikes.
  • Eva Mendes, Victoria Beckham, and Maggie Gyllenhaal presented the night’s biggest award – Womenswear Designer of the Year. Each celeb supported a different nominee but it was Mendes who was able to let out a big “whoop” when Calvin Klein’s Francisco Costa won the hardware. Poor Victoria sulked visibly at the loss of her beloved Marc Jacobs. Maggie on the other hand was classy as usual.
  • Ashley Olsen is on a roll lately. She was radiant in a Calvin Klein tuxedo outfit… perhaps inspired by Yves Saint Laurent?
  • Tom Ford, who won for Menswear Designer of the Year, was devilishly handsome as usual. So was Jason Lewis of Sex and the City. Sigh.
  • Why was LL Cool J there?
  • What’s with Eva Longoria’s ugly outfit? I know it’s Diane von Furstenberg but it’s completely inappropriate for the occasion. You should save that for the garden parties, darling.

For my boyfriend who loves Chanel Iman:


For a list of the night’s winners, click here.

*source: http://www.style.com

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Kapow! Bam! Zoom! Those were the inspirational outfits I looked for at this year’s superhero-themed Met Ball but I was sadly disappointed. While there were notable efforts from a select few, the majority played it safe. 

Best Dressed 

Zac Posen blew everyone else out of the water with his Clark Kent/Superman-inspired outfit, which happened to be my favourite of the night. He took a risk and it paid off. Not to mention he looked gorgeous. What a hero!

Christina Ricci was the belle of the ball as a chic wonderwoman in Givenchy. Her outfit was by far the best representation of the spirit of this year’s gala. Both fashionable and appropriate for the superhero theme, Christina was a knockout in her pink and red confection.

Did Ashley Olsen remind you of her Full House days at the Met ball? I mean that as a compliment because she was radiant with little makeup and her dress was killer. I love the faux-catwoman claw marks on the side of her dress. Some have criticized her sister, Mary-Kate’s, outfit. To be fair, Ashley’s outfit is a lot more risk-free whereas Mary-Kate really went for it and I actually liked her dress. The only thing that bothered me was her posture. If she stopped stooping like the crazy cat lady on the Simpsons, she would have outshined Ashley. Someone book her a lesson with Ms Jay.

Chanel Iman was exquisite in a swirly 3.1 Philip Lim dress complete with a chunky gold belt. Was the giant accessory doubling as a chastity belt as well? Her career is about to take off as rumors circulate that the young model swiped the cover of Vogue Italia‘s all-black issue although some say the prize actually belongs to Jordan Dunn.

Caroline Trentini in vintage Thierry Mugler was a cool batgirl. I especially liked the model’s dark eye makeup and the swoopy outlines of her dress.

Naomi Watts reprised her role in King Kong in a classic white dress. Although her ensemble is not the most original, I give her points for channelling a damsel-in-distress-look. I’m just not sure if that’s the image she wants to project.

How much do you hate Gisele Bunchen? I mean her boobs… her butt… that outrageously perfect body!!! We are not worthy! She didn’t stick to the superhero theme unfortunately, but she still managed to steal the show in her revealing Versace dress and she brought along a hot date, Tom Brady, who is very droolworthy himself.

Make fun of Anna Wintour all you want, but I thought she looked fantastic. Her custom-made Chanel by Karl Lagerfeld was a space-age treat. I mean, if people didn’t have fun with this, why bother going at all? I’m sure the Emmy’s will give you a venue for a nice, perfect, little black dress. Yawn.

The colorful sequins on Kate Bosworth’s vintage Chanel Haute Couture were breathtaking. Look at that detail at the bottom of her dress! Exquisite. And those shoes!!! I need to have her Pierre Hardy shoes. I will make one critcism: I hate blue eye shadow. When you’re Asian as I am, blue eyeshadow is like toxic waste and you stay away from that shit. Why? It makes you look like an I-love-you-long-time-for-one-dolla “masseuse”. I realize Kate is not Asian and she looks lovely but still… is it just me or does her face look a little tranny? Just a little?

Michelle Trachtenberg was the queen of vintage in a navy silk jersey top and gold skirt from Rare Vintage. I am a little undecided on this one. I really liked her outfit initially but the more I look at it, the more it reminds me of this boy in my elementary school who played one of the Three Wise Men in the Christmas play. Now I can’t get the image out of my head. Is Michelle really a Magi heading to Bethleham?

I love Coco Rocha (hometown girl!) so I am biased but I loved her in Pucci with Anja Rubik. The colors were a great pop amongst the satin purples, greens, and godknowswhat.

You really have to wonder what went wrong when Alberta Ferretti designed Jennifer Lopez’s dress because she did a super job with Diane Kruger’s spunky metallic dress. I especially covet her fuchsia Jimmy Choo shoes. Not to mention her exceptionally handsome date, Joshua Jackson! I always loved Pacey and I always will.

Worst Dressed

You know how I said Kate Bosworth looked a little tranny. Well, Victoria Beckham WAS a tranny. A post-operation one at that. Poor girl. She must feel so inadequate next to David Beckham. You’d think David would be kind enough to tell her that her foundation never matches the rest of her body. (It’s always a shade too pale for some reason)

There are only three words for Kimora Lee’s outfit: tetris gone wild.

Amanda Peet had the most tragic outfit of the whole night. It was horrendous and that has to be the ugliest headband in the history of headbands. This outfit is so terrible I actually feel sorry for her.

What the hell happened to the kick-ass Buffy we’ve all come to love? Sarah Michelle Gellar-Prinze was about as interesting as me answering the probing questions from the auditors who’ve invaded my office. Seriously.

Poor Rachel Bilson. Those bangs are so unfortunate it makes me want to cry. Please fire your hairstylist asap. For such a cute girl, it’s alarming how much she looks like a dog. As for arm candy, Hayden Christensen, I love him so I refuse to critique his outfit.

How disappointing was Dita von Teese’s dress? Did she realize that she is about two steps away from looking like Emmy Rossum? That’s not a good thing darling.

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Only a few hours remain until the Met’s Costume Institute Gala kicks off and everyone is glammed up, excited, and ready to gossip. Last-minute secrets are being revealed about who is wearing what, who is or is not attending, and lots more!

  • Agyness Deyn announced that she wouldn’t be attending the ball due to a European fashion shoot quite awhile ago. Curious. Especially since it’s been revealed that Burberry’s Christopher Bailey is taking Lily Donaldson, Agy’s fellow model in the Burberry ads. Not to mention everyone in the fashion industry is in New York tonight so what important shoot can our favourite Brit punk be on? Was I right about Agy? Oh and Mario Testino will wear Burberry tonight as well.
  • Stella McCartney will bring Kate Moss.
  • Anna Wintour will wear a custom Chanel Haute Couture black and white embroidered dress that Karl Lagerfeld designed especially for her. Who says the devil wears Prada? Kate Bosworth will also attend with Uncle Karl and Cameron Diaz has scored an invite as the guest of Vogue.
  • Iman, David Bowie, Scarlett Johansson, and others will be dressed by Dolce & Gabanna.
  • Audrey Tautou will wear Chanel tonight as the new face of Chanel No. 5. So long Nicole Kidman.
  • Liv Tyler, Fergie, and Rachel Bilson will be in Calvin Klein
  • Gisele and Tom Brady will arrive with Donatella Versace
  • Dita von Teese and Eva Longoria will wear Marchesa
  • Gossip Girl is everywhere! Blake Lively will attend the gala tonight with Tory Burch.
  • The Olsens will wear DVF
  • Rachel Zoe was disinvited to the ball! Poor thing. Ha.

This IS the best night of the year and the excitement has reached a boiling point! I’m excited to see who will dress in this year’s superhero themes. Please put Andre Leon Talley in a spiderman suit. That will be the best.

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Stars are a hot trend this spring and they were everywhere on the SS/08 catwalks. Always one step ahead, Kate Moss already wore a cute outfit with little stars all over it at the beginning of the year. I actually like the star necklaces and belts from YSL. They can liven up an otherwise boring outfit, especially in those jewel-toned necklaces.

Now I am all for following sensible fashion trends. BUT when you are Asian like me, you have to be extremely cautious not to appear “cutesy-wutsey.” You might end up looking like Fresh-Off-the-Boat Chinese girls who think Hello Kitty is Jesus Christ. If you coordinate the right outfit with the YSL necklace, or wear a dress with subtle little stars, you could possibly pull this off.

You should see my cousin, Adrianna. She can pull ANYTHING off. If she wore a garbage bag on top of her head, Anna Wintour would clamor to call it the “next big thing.” Trust.

YSL Star Necklace

YSL Belt  Kate Moss Stars     

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