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Coco Rocha looks stunning in a new spread for Muse shot by Horst Diekgerdes. Whether it’s floating in a bathtub or playing mommy/nanny, Coco is always such a treat. I love this girl!

P.S. Those glasses she wears in the shoot are awesome!






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A source told Page Six that Karolina Kurkova has a very unusual belly button that is apt to disappear in pictures. The solution? Photoshop of course! The catalogue source reports that a collection of belly button shots in a variety of positions are kept and Photoshopped into Karolina’s pictures when needed. See? Next time you stand beside Karolina and feel sorry for yourself, just remember that your belly button is SO much more photogenic than hers!

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Jude Law stars in Dior Homme Sport’s new commercial running around the beach and I can hardly recognize him! He looks strangely less emasculated compared to his usual self. Brava darling.

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It is a sad day, my friends. News has come that our favourite Miss Bossy of The Hills, Lauren Conrad, doesn’t design her eponymous clothing line. Fox News reports that fashion insiders claim Creative Director Sherry Wood is the mastermind behind the clothes and L.C., like many celeb-cum-designers, is only a face for the front of the house.

Most alarming of all, a snoop overheard Lauren telling her pals at a Hollywood club that she “can’t even draw a sketch” after an aspiring designer asked her for some advice. One of Lauren’s friends has come to her quick defense to say that L.C. shares the work 50/50 with Sherry Wood and will stay around an hour or so during each visit at a mart in downtown LA where the clothes are conceived and manufactured. L.C.’s rep also piped in that “Lauren designs the line from start to finish, doing everything from sketching to fabric selection to fitting the garments.”

Yeah, ok. Then again, Lauren might have been a part of fabric selection considering the fabrics used are cheap and do not reflect the price the clothes sell for. (Think lots of jersey fabric) Not only that, but the fitting during her last show was famously atrocious. Models were seen in clothes that did not fit properly and many in the fashion industry snickered at this grievous oversight. Hmmm… maybe Lauren did design her collection all by herself afterall?

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The folks at L’Oréal are a pretty unhappy bunch at the moment. The world’s largest cosmetics and beauty company has just been slapped with a lawsuit with claims that it knowingly sold products with potentially carcinogenic chemicals and false advertising in South America and Europe. To top the cherry off, the charges come from one of their own! Jerome Chevallier is the former regulatory affairs director for L’Oréal, who says he was fired after expressing his concerns to his superiors. As expected, L’Oréal refuses to comment on the details of the case.

According to New York, the detailed allegations are as follows:

  • Maybelline products that went to South America contained dibutyl phthalate, a potential carcinogen.
  • L’Oréal sold products in Europe that contained a refrigerant.
  • The company sold a deodorant containing Tricolsan (also banned for being an anti-microbial agent), even though they released statements saying they would no longer use the chemical.
  • Products in Europe contained unlawful levels of Kathon CG, a preservative linked to dermatitis, and information about this was removed from the company computer system.
  • The company marketed PureOlogy products as “100 percent vegan,” when they contained animal-derived ingredients.
  • The chemicals used in these claims are not banned in the U.S.

Investors hopped off the “Because you’re worth it” train, as L’Oréal saw their stocks drop. Additionally, L’Oréal has cut its sales-growth outlook from 6-8 percent, to just 6 percent. I’m sure we’re all crying for the evil corporation.

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In anticipation of the 70th anniversary of “The Wizard of Oz”, the consumer products division of Warner Brothers and Swarovski have invited 20 designers to reinterpret Dorothy’s famed ruby red slippers for the 21st century. Two of each pair of shoes will be auctioned off in the fall of 2009 to benefit the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation.

The cast includes Oscar de la Renta, Diane von Furstenberg, and Manolo Blahnik – oh my! (Sorry, I couldn’t resist) Betsey Johnson is also amongst the 20 designers and she already knows a thing or two about the beloved and iconic movie. She once designed a collection starring the Scarecrow, the Tin Man, the Cowardly Lion, and Dorothy (played by her daughter, Lulu). For the Oz-inspired shoes this time around, Betsey’s designs will feature a slipper made into a high heel, “as high as I could go, as sparkly as I could go and as fun and full of polka dots and a tulle bow as I could make them.” Contrastly, Jimmy Choo’s sketch is far more “cowardly” showing a tame red snakeskin pump with a caged toe. We can expect the unveiling of the ruby slippers at Saks Fifth Avenue next year.

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Although Anja Kop was the runner-up in last season’s America’s Next Top Model, she managed to land a contract with Elite Model Managementlast week. Since the show ended, the model has made some changes to go back to her roots (literally). Her hair is no longer blond and she no longer has the last name Kop – she now sports her original brown hair colour as well as the the name Anja Rozova to honour her Russian heritage. If you ask me, she had other reasons to change her name. Didn’t you know Russian is all the rage on the catwalks these days? (Sasha Pivarova, Natalia Vodianova)

Elite’s Jose Covarrubias says the agency asked for Anja immediately after the show ended, as well as her castmate, Katarzyna Dolinska. Apparently the two girls and the winner, Whitney Thompson, are doing really well and in the midst of “building her book.” Anja always stood out to me the most and I can easily see her doing a few shows during Fashion Week. The only question that remains is whether designers will embrace models that got their start on a reality tv show. But hey, we all had to start somewhere, right?

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