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I am not exaggerating when I say that Frances Bean Cobain captured the world’s attention since before she was born. In fact, rumours were rampant that Frances was born addicted to drugs thanks to her nutjob mother, Courtney Love. At the time, Vanity Fair published an article that Courtney admitted to using heroin after learning of the pregnancy even though both Courtney and Kurt Cobain claimed the quote was taken out of context. After Frances’s birth, child services removed Courtney and Kurt of custody. Things spun even more out of control after the frontman of the band Tool wore t-shirts that said “Free Frances Bean”. Of course, the biggest tragedy was Kurt’s untimely death.

But things are looking up for our favourite little Bean. She is all grown up and the 15-year-old princess of grunge has caught the eye of none other than Karl Lagerfeld. Rumour has it he wants her to be in the next Chanel ad capmaign. Strange considering Karl famously hates fat people. Just to clarify, Frances is by no means a whale but she isn’t rake thin either which is how Karl likes them. If this comes to fruition, I would be pretty happy. I’ve read a few interviews with Frances and she is quite the intellectual which is a welcome change (unlike Kim Stewart). Not to mention Frances has dabbled in fashion before. When she was 13, Stella McCartney gave Frances a job working at her New York stores. I think the world is ready for a fresh dose of teen spirit.

Frances in a photoshoot for Harper’s Bazaar and some photos from her childhood and her father below.



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A few observations about Gossip Girl’s “Desperately Seeking Serena”:

  1. Does anyone care about Nate or Vanessa? They are kind of like depressants. You know. Medications they prescribe for anxiety or insomnia. N & V provide the obligatory slow-it-down effect so we don’t pass out from all the salacious gossip and drama. They deserve each other if you ask me since they’re both equally BORING.
  2. Haven’t we evolved enough to stop casting Asians as the pathetic nerds? For the record, I am Asian and I am terrible at math. Having said that, I loved Blair’s annihilation of Nelly Yuki. No one plays the game better than B.
  3. How ugly is Asher, Jenny’s dog-dude? Yes, he seems like a sweet boy but the hair! Yikes.
  4. Chuck’s red coat was incredible! Anyone fall for him just a little? Maybe I’m a sap but I love that Chuck is looking out for Serena.
  5. Speaking of Serena, can she get over herself? Perhaps i gave her too much credit because I thought she was above the teenage tendency to over-dramatize everything. If she just fessed up to Dan, everything would be hunky-dory.
  6. I already love to hate token party-girl, Georgina Sparks. The nerve of that girl to place a call to a dealer during the first night of drinks with Serena!!! If you didn’t know, the dealer asked whether he should deliver 1 gram or 2 grams of cocaine when he said, “I don’t have time for this. Do you want 1g or 2gs?” Michelle Tratchenberg is a perfect cast. I never liked her on Buffy anyway! 

Next week: shit hits the fan for Serena. Can’t. Wait.

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Agyness Deyn’s arrival in mainstream media has been explosive. Her distinctive blonde hair has bobbed on countless catwalks and more recently, I-D magazine has devoted an entire issue completely to her. As in no other models were photographed for the photoshoots. This model extraordinaire seems to have it all. Or does she?

Agyness is the newly-crowned darling of Perez Hilton but is that a good thing? The self-proclaimed “Queen of All Media” has not exactly crafted his reputation out of having good taste or a fine eye. In this case, Perez may have jumped on the bandwagon a little late. Agyness is certainly no spring chicken (in the modeling world). For quite awhile, the true age of the model remained heavily debated amongst insiders. On Deyn’s part, she helped perpetuate the mystery by saying she was 18. The truth? She was born Laura Hollins in Littleborough, England on February 16, 1983. Yes, she is 25. No, Agyness is not her real name.

Whatever you think of her, Agyness is a breath of fresh air in a sea of today’s generic models. One of her biggest assets is her versatility. Her chameleon-like abilities are evident in the I-D issue. Not many people can dress up like a man and pull off a fake treasure-trail! It is almost certain that we can expect more from this Brit punk but she has big shoes to fill post-Kate Moss. Meanwhile, the fashion world can only watch as she attempts to take it by storm. A few photos from her I-D issue below.

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The return of Gossip Girls on Monday night clearly excited me too much. I neglected to discuss The Hills! Monday is once again my favourite night of the week. A few observations about the gang in LA:

  1. Lauren seems to have missed the memo on Kelly Cutrone’s policy on wearing all black. She wore a white outfit while “working” at People’s Revolution. To top it off, the forbidden cleavage also made an appearance even if she does have great boobs. (See side-boob picture below for reference.) Plleeeassee show Kelly bitching out Lauren. Nobody gives a tongue-lashing quite like Kelly. Except maybe my mother.
  2. Justin Bobby. Amazing. I am so glad he is back. To be fair, he was much more expressive than usual and managed to avoid burping the entire episode. Good for him for taking care of his booze problem (per Audrina). Unfortunately, he is still as dirty as ever.
  3. I think Heidi is becoming the new Donatella. Her face doesn’t even move!!
  4. I LOVE Lo. She is so candid and snarky… and maybe doesn’t like Audrina? She DEFINITELY didn’t appreciate it when they wore the same jeans. Ouch.
  5. Since when does Audrina wear Philip Lim? And is she capable of any expression except for that painful placating smile? 
One last comment that my friend Beth brought up: Does anyone else wonder why The Hills was not on air during the writers’ strike? Curious. 
Oh and Happy Birthday Beth! Hope you had a fab dinner with your “prince.” Snicker.

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Yesterday marked the return of Gossip Girl and my god, I have missed that show! A couple of observations about “The Blair Bitch Project”:

  1. I LOVED the Breakfast at Tiffany’s dream sequence. Alright, so it didn’t really make sense. So what? Any excuse to have a little tribute to Audrey Hepburn is fine by me.
  2. After Serena told Chuck not to call her “sister” and she never will share DNA with him, Chuck’s reply was the best: “Then I suggest you get new hand towels.” GROSS. But I love him.
  3. I hate Jenny. Don’t mess with the Queen Bitch, biatch.

As usual, the clothes were to die for. Blair didn’t bring it this episode but I forgive her since she was having a tough time. I particularly liked Serena’s leather jacket. That girl gets the best wardrobe in my opinion.

Serena\'s leather jacket/\

Only six more days until the next episode when Georgina Sparks, played by Michelle Tratchenberg, will be joining GG. YES! Another new addition is Lydia Hearst (I adore her) who will play a socialite in a minor role in the finale. In case you don’t know, Lydia is an heiress to an enormous publishing fortune and a model. With the two new ladies, we can definitely expect more drama and catfights. Afterall, the world needs more bitches.

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When you live in Vancouver, you learn to deal with the rainy weather. In fact, I can leap over puddles IN HEELS with the grace of a gazelle. The only thing I am missing is a cool umbrella. Since I take public transit to get to work, I have to use a small compact umbrella and those are never as nice as the large ones. Yes, I take public transit. Get over it! I don’t live in a two-car household and when you live in downtown, you walk everywhere!

Red umbrella painting

Anyhow, back to my umbrella crisis. I currently use a small umbrella with houndstooth print but it is time to put it away in storage whenever spring decides to show up. (It just freaking snowed in APRIL!!) What I really want is a red umbrella. Have you noticed that umbrellas are usually red in photographs or paintings? I have this romanticized image of me in a passionate embrace with David Beckham under a red umbrella in the pouring rain. I am so lame. At any rate, it is classic and chic. A perfect way to add some colour to an otherwise dreary day.

Red umbrella

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You might recognize Audrey Tautou from the beloved French film, Amelie. Now, she will star in the latest biopic about the most beloved designer in the world: Coco Chanel. The $15 million film will focus on Coco’s childhood and early womanhood as she overcomes the odds to become a legend in the fashion world. 

I am ecstatic that the part went to Audrey despite some critics who have doubts that she will be “gritty” enough for the role. Honestly, why the hate? 

As Coco Chanel said:

A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous. 

Audrey is certainly classy and fabulous, as well as elegant, charismatic, and FRENCH! *Some* websites have suggested the part go to Angelina Jolie because she has a “French last name.” That is the most absurd thing I have ever heard of. Thank God that never happened; Coco Chanel would have rolled over in her grave!! Anyhow, I am counting down the days already even though production hasn’t even begun. 

The only question that remains is: Who will design all the clothes for the film? (I would be happy with a combination of vintage Chanel and Karl Lagerfeld’s designs.)

Audrey Tautou will become Coco Chanel


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